About Urban Dog Solutions

Moving from suburban environments to urban neighborhoods often times creates issues and difficulties for dogs and their owners. Many dogs handle the adjustment to high rise living without incident. For others, it can be a challenge. Downtown San Diego high-rise dwellers don’t have the option of opening the back door to a large grass backyard.

Whether you have a young puppy or an experienced older pet, dogs naturally want to go on real grass, so training and accommodating can be relatively simple. Unlike our competitors that use artificial turf or utilize small trays, Urban Dog Solutions is an affordable and easy option for dogs and residences of all sizes in the thriving downtown San Diego community. Our uniquely designed container absorbs liquids and controls odors for a clean and easy experience. With our reoccurring in-person delivery replacement service, we handle all cleaning and maintenance. Our staff is trained to complete the service in less than 10 minutes!

Urban Dog Solutions was created as a solution to take an active role in curbing pets’ restroom training needs that result in part from living in small spaces.

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