Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What size is the grass and tray?

Our regular size grass and tray is 31”x 19”. It is the perfect size to accommodate dogs up to 25 pounds. Our XL version is 48″ x 24″that can accommodate medium sized to very large breeds

How will Urban Dog Solutions benefit me and my dog?

Residents of downtown San Diego are very caring of their dog companions. At any given time you can find hundreds of dogs being walked the various neighborhoods of downtown. However, often times there are situations when owners need a quick and convenient option to allow their dogs to use the potty and your living situation doesn’t offer a grassy backyard right outside your door. Urban Dog Solutions provides a clean, easy and affordable option for you and your dog with our real grass delivery and clean up service.

What type of grass is it?

Urban Dog Solutions has a partnership with a local nursery that provides us high quality Fescue grass that dense and lush which dogs really enjoy. However, the grass may change periodically depending on the season and supply.

Do I need to care for the grass in anyway?

Nope! Urban Dog Solutions makes it easy so that you don’t need to do a thing! You may consider misting the real grass pee patch with water to lengthen its life span on patios where it is in direct sunlight. Our unique product is designed to naturally absorb liquids and reduce odor.

What do I need to do to train my dog “to go” on the grass?

Unlike our competitors that use artificial turf or utilize small trays, Urban Dog Solutions provides a real grass patch that your dog will naturally be drawn to. It won’t take much effort on your part. In addition, our staff provides consulting services to help young puppies and/or older dogs to teach them how to use the product.

Where is the Urban Dog Solutions available?

We are proud to service any apartment, condo or home in San Diego. This includes the neighborhoods of North Park, Golden Hill, Bankers Hill, Hillcrest and Downtown! Please call us to find out if we deliver in your area.

When can I expect my first delivery?

​All deliveries are made on Saturdays, typically between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. New client orders must be placed by 5:00pm on Wednesday to receive it that Saturday, otherwise you will receive your first delivery the following Saturday.

Does the weather affect my delivery?

It depends. Our sod farm typically does not harvest grass when it rains. Therefore, deliveries may be postponed if it rains a day or two before your scheduled delivery, and/or offer an alternative delivery date.

Do I have to be home for the delivery?

Although we’d love to interact with you and your pooch, you do not need to be home. Simply leave the grass patch and the tray on your front door step and/or with your concierge. We will conduct the clean up and place your new fresh grass pee patch on your front door step unless directed otherwise.

When will I be billed? What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Your account will be automatically renewed on a 30-day basis until you cancel your subscription. We do not provide refunds for subscriptions that were not canceled properly, nor for partial month usage.

Any unanswered questions?
Feel free to call or email us at 619-796-DOGS (3647) or